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Nemesis Sandals were named after the ancient Greek goddess Nemesis. It is believed that Zeus was romantically pursuing Nemesis who kept evading him in the guise of different animals, until one day he deceived her disguised as a swan when she had become a wild goose. According to others, their lovechild was Helen of Troy, who was given to her mother Lida as the egg born of Nemesis.

Nemesis personified justice and aimed to achieve a balance in the fates of people. She appeared to be kind to those who lived by the virtues of fairness and moderation and was punisher to those who were arrogant. In the poetry of Homer, Nemesis is not referred to as a goddess but as a notion that punishes irreverence, a divine presence that was against any mortal who transgresses the laws of nature.

It is truly remarkable that even today, after so many thousands of years, the notion of Nemesis continues to be used, although it is often misinterpreted since it is usually associated with revenge.

As far as our logo is concerned, the Greek sphinx is portrayed in a circle surrounded by spirals.

The Sphinx was a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a woman. She guarded the entrance to the ancient city of Thebes and would ask passers-by to solve a puzzle in order to gain entrance. Whoever failed to answer it was killed. The only person able to solve the riddle was Oedipus.

The spiral, which is found on our buckle, is a complex yet strong symbol seen in many ancient civilizations around the world particularly in Greek one where it is highlighted in various monuments, sculptures and works of art. The shape of the spiral symbolizes infinity as the circle can continue turning throughout time and is seen all over the universe, in the shells of snails, tornadoes, galaxies and so on.

Our respect for our ancient history and our love of fashion have given us the inspiration to create our sandal collection. Our elegant lines are based on ancient simplicity and our high-quality leather and materials transform our sandals into modern, sophisticated creations. Our sandals are made for women who don’t want comfort to overshadow beauty in their daily lives and know how to stand out with their style.

You‘ll also notice that we have given names to each of our models taken from the ancient Greek language and which are used internationally even today.

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